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What is Your Ideal Day?

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

my ideal day

I love the idea of a “you are not alone” website where people can visit and share a story. This post is all about “my ideal day.” It originated in the simplest of ways…I was writing an e-mail to my friend, Kerstin, and decided to be silly by ending it by suggesting she do no more work and that instead we should…

Well, I’ll just show you what I wrote.


No work is allooooowed. We are going to go to a spa! No! A Canadian village where we call each other Lorelai and Rory! And then we meet Conan O’Brien and win free indoor pools. Then we magically drop 10 lbs while we’re eating really fancy food with Tina Fey (who thinks we’re all soul mates.) The cast of Glee then sings us a song, and we get to have a shopping spree in Pier 1/Marshalls/World Market for home decor. Then, we decide to help out at an animal shelter where they need us to play with animals (including kittens, dogs, hedgehogs, bunnies, cats, puppies and chinchillas.) We help people make a puuurfect match and encourage an unprecedented number of people to adopt that day! To unwind we wear funky striped socks and Meryl Streep teaches us how to meditate. We get up in the middle of the night to find a message in a bottle while we’re night s ... Read More