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FitDeck Review of Exercise Cards: Yoga Cards, Stretching Cards, Pilates Cards

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

yoga cards

FitDeck is a deck of playing cards, and each different deck has a different theme. The cards have visuals and instructions for executing different movements.

I received several different FitDecks to review and look over.

The Stretching Cards!

Fitdeck Review:

FitDeck Stretch: Have you noticed how much cats and other animals stretch? We should all stretch more. Which is a great, simple idea. But do you know what stretches to do, or what a certain move will be stretching? The cards highlight a yellow section to show you what part of your body should be feeling the stretch. FitDeck Office: Okay, how many people work in an office? I work at a desk so often, and while I do not want to stop my day to full on exercise, doing some of these cards is actually a nice break from working. And it gets my blood pumping/endorphins flowing, etc. I think it helps me work more productively.

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