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How to achieve nearly fool proof Winged Eyeliner

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

winged eyeliner

Far be it from me to ever say something nice about Paris Hilton…but at a recent US party she had terrific winged eyeliner. She very often wears cute things, which is bizarre because other times she looks very er, trashy. I’m not super wild about her dress here, but like I said – the makeup is good!

People get so afraid of doing winged eyeliner (myself included), which is why I want to show you pictures that will help you visualize how it should look next time you think about trying it.

The reason why winged eyeliner is so cool is that it really defines your upper lashes. The idea is to take the eyeliner (generally liquid) and run it over the top of your eyelid, and wing it out for bolder eyes that look larger than they are.

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