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Girly PINK jackets from MontanaCo

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

pink and brown coat

MontanaCo just came up on our radar, and we really like their coats. They have great collections in general, but we especially love their four pink coats made to help raise money for the National Breast Cancer Association.

These jackets are similar to the Legally Blonde 2 coat that Reese Witherspoon wore.

These jackets are created by the Crowley family of Butte, Montana. The retail prices go from $75-$400. To make them worth the price as an investment piece, the items are made from top-quality fabrics and trim materials.

Don’t you think Elle Woods of Legally Blonde would love these jackets? They reminds me of the pink jacket Reese Witherspoon wore as Elle in Legally Blonde 2.

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A sassy way to support breast cancer awareness month

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

breast cancer awareness support

Breast cancer awareness month is in October, but it’s never too early to think about how you want to support it. Because I just did a Mood-Lites review, I want to expand on what they’re doing for October. Because they have new pink “Sassy” bulbs, they’re also helping support breast cancer awareness month.

Click to enlarge the poster. Breast cancer awareness support.

Want to know new ways to promote breast cancer awareness month? Just put a pink bulb in your porch light, window lamps, or wherever it can be seen to spread awareness. When someone comments on the cool light, that’s your chance to tell them why you have it up.

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