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How to Hang Pictures Without Frames : Six Creative Ideas for Your Most Boring Walls

Friday, March 19th, 2010

4 Colored Wood Hangers

Clever girl that you are, I know that you’re always trying to improve your living area(s) by shaping them down into very unique spaces that speak of you even when you aren’t in the room. And if you were asking yourself if there are ways to hang pictures without frames, then I have the answer. Well, I have six answers! Because I’ve just painted my walls (color: green), I’m very gun shy about wanting to put even a single nail hole anywhere. That’s how I got inspired to write this post – so maybe good things CAN come from being a scardy cat, eh?

But I truly do think I’ve come up with some unique ideas that you guys will appreciate. When you don’t use frames, you can easily change the art on your walls. Which is perfect because when I buy cute calendars I always feel so guilty just throwing them out at the end of the year. (Especially if they are from Paper Source, those are CUTE calendars, man!) I like to hang up the pictures, but they look so lonely just taped up on a door. How unproffesh! So here ar ... Read More