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Ten of the Most Seductive Gil Elvgren Pin Up Girl Pictures of the 50′s

Friday, May 6th, 2011

pin up girl pictures

Gil Elvgren is an iconic American painter of pin up girls. Here, we’ve gotten nostalgic and posted ten vintage pin up girl pictures from the 50’s that are particularly glamorous and seductive. They’re all by Gil Elvgren.

What do these 50’s pin up girl pictures have in common?

  • Cleavage is shown amply, but never nipples.
  • Bold red lips
  • Defined eyebrows
  • A lot of “oops” moments
  • Many animals, whether real or stuffed animal sorts.
  • Girls caught unawares.
  • Women performing everyday tasks that get made sexy because a skirt is flipped up, for instance.
  • Garters.
  • The feet are always pointed.
  • There’s never another person (male or female) in these pictures.
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