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VibraSlim Reviews: Our VibraSlim PICS

Friday, March 11th, 2011

vibraslim reviews

If I can tell you only one thing about the VibraSlim, it’s that it’s easy to use and I have felt and seen it work for me.

You have to be consistent to see real results, but it’s so easy that it’s almost impossible not to accidentally fall into a healthy routine. And it inspires you to do even more. So the cynics who say this isn’t enough should at least concede that it does to motivate people to exercise than most anything else. It’s pretty unfair that it can work so easily – you just have to stand on it. It should be illegal for it to work so well without effort. But I’m glad it isn’t.

I’ve managed to lose weight on the VibraSlim, even in the midst of starting up a medicine that actually causes weight gain. (See why I love this so much? I need to take the offensive with calories!)

Here is our model! A good friend of the She’s Smart blog, Lindsay. She is supporting True Blood with her “Fangtasia: Life Begins at Night” T-shirt. She is also wearing new Dolce & Gabbana glasses, oh la la. The stained glass you see in the background is something my Mom made.

How do you use the Vibra Slim? It’s as easy as standing on the platform and ho ... Read More

How to Raise your Metabolism Fast with the VibraSlim: Just USE it!

Friday, February 25th, 2011

how to boost metabolism naturally

My VibraSlim Reviews Diary: Chronicling the first consecutive 7 days of usin the VibraSlim, and then skipping ahead a week to tell you whether I kept this up or not!

I’m not in super-fantastic-amazing great shape (ugh, who is?)  I hate gyms and I don’t like to work out.  I’m not someone who gets up at 6 a.m. and says “wouldn’t a brisk run just be lovely?” So I sound promising, huh? But you guys know what I mean! It takes so much time, it’s hard to get motivated, makes me all sweaty… I have PLENTY of excuses. But now I also have a VibraSlim. It asks only 10 minutes of me a day. And it’s so easy that I have maintained a daily schedule of using it. (Unheard of for me. Usually I stop exercise programs after a week once the newness of something wears off.)

What I like about the VibraSlim is that I can target all sorts of different body areas: calves, arms, or butt! (I focus on my legs.) I am burning fat while I’m toning myself. Uh, I like that a LOT, too! The machine is basically doing the exercising work for you, giving you way more muscle contractions than you’d get normally. People like to insult it, comparing it to a vibrating belt from the 50’s, but this sort of technolog ... Read More