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Best Non Greasy Hand Lotion Contender: Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion (Reviews)

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

best non greasy hand lotion

I’ve got a new lotion recommendation for you gals!

The best lotion for dry skin does two things: absorbs quickly (is non greasy) and truly moisturizing. It’s not easy (being green – or) to find both of these items in one lotion. I recently tried the NEW Vaseline® Total Moisture® lotion and discovered for myself that it does both jobs. Which is wonderful – because I use lotion every single day, many times in the course of just one day! (Who doesn’t?)

There are three types of the Total Moisture lotion:

· Vaseline® Total Moisture® – Clean feeling lotion for healthy soft skin. · Vaseline® Total Moisture® Aloe Fresh – Light feeling lotion for healthy fresh skin. · Vaseline® Total Moisture® Cocoa Radiant™ – Rich feeling lotion for healthy glowing skin.

Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion Reviews:

  • The Cocoa Radiant (Brown bottle) had a faint smell of coconut (I think) but not a lot. I wish there was more becuase I am obsess ... Read More