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Eight Different Ugly Shoes I Couldn’t be Bribed to Wear in Public

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

paris pump

FLY London Women’s Yaya Open-Toe Wedge : What horrible thing have you done to deserve THIS shoe? Are you a flight attendant on a trip to the moon? The saddest part is that these are almost $200. More.

J-41 Women’s Paris Pump : It is a sad woman who buys these pumps. It has all the awful attributes of the clog, and none of the fun of a pump. Add in horrible muddy brown colors, and you’ve got the shoe that wants to swallow your foot whole. What scares me is that in the black/black version of these shoes…they almo ... Read More

The Shoes you should NEVER Wear

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

alexander mcqueen shoes gaga

Oh look, let’s trot about in horse hooves that have been bedazzled? How about NO. ladies, if I ever catch you wanting to wear a pair of these Alexander McQueen shoes (or knockoff’s) I’m giving myself permission to slap you silly! Not only are they unattractive, these are shoes that were so intimidating that models Abbey Lee Kershaw, Sasha Pivovarova and Natasha Poly (probably all famous, but I don’t really follow models too much)  all decided not to walk in McQueen’s show, lest they have to wear them and risk tripping. If you’re not Lady Gaga, you don’t need to be wearing these things which look like horse hooves! (Image from Grazia.)

See, those models were smart. You could twist your ankle so fast in shoes like these. And I guess the point isn’t just about these particular McQueen shoes – if you have a pair of shoes you’re considering buying but you’re thinking they’re ... Read More