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Dress like Jessica in True Blood season 3: Va-Va-Voom Vamp!

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Deborah Woll: jessica hamby season 3

Deborah Ann Woll: jessica hamby season 3

Are you a True Blood fan? Good. What do you think of Jessica Hamby? I love this True Blood season 3 promo picture of her, so we decided to draw inspiration from it for a little True Blood style of our own.

The one thing we didn’t tackle is Deborah Ann Woll’s hair in the picture – to achieve this hair you’ll want to use a shine spray and a hair straightener.

Jessica Hamby Profile: Jessica has a young, fun spirit. Can you relate? You probably CAN’T relate to the fact that she’s a newly turned vampire. Her best traits include that she’s adventurous and curious to try things. Her worst traits would include when she’s whiny, overly impulse or being a baby.

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