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My Enchanting & Artful View from Over Here

Friday, December 11th, 2009

berry tree

I decided I should share a bit more of my life with you via pictures. So here are pictures of what I see when I go on a local walk. It’s so restorative to really take time to look around instead of just walkwalkwalk. You never know what you’re missing. Take a camera on a walk with you, whether you’re alone or with kids. Kids will especially help you discover tiny wonders. It’s a great free idea to do for a memorable afternoon.

On this particular walk (where I took the pictures) the sky was vibrant blue in patches, and red berries were busy arranging themselves in rows over my head. A birds nest hung in a lonely sky view. Those birds have vacated even their designer, posh homes and I miss them already. Grand tree branches curved in a waltz, and I tread over the sidewalk with a sway below. When a a star burst of gold dye began to appear over the hills, I made my way home to Shopcat and a familar mug of Chai Tea.

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