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Short Black Wig with Bangs: Transform Your Style

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

short black wig with bangs

I was able to take a close-up look at a really short black wig with bangs from the Costume Supercenter. They’re the home of amazing and varied costumes, wigs, and all sorts of accessories for playing dress up. (We never stop, even when we get older!)

For any costume wig I recommend getting a wig cap. They sell them at Costume Supercenter for $4.00 and it helps keep your hair under the wig. Another tip is to use hair that hasn’t been washed that day, so the natural oils have worked their way in. Second day hair is good, and tons of celebs only wash every other day, anyway. (I subscribe to this process as well.)

So, the wig in question? The Deluxe Midnight Black Charm Wig which has bangs and a short bob. Maybe I’ll wear it on Valentine’s day, eh? Pft, pft. Anyway!

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