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Too Often the Spam is Gonna GETCHU! Like The Rhythm in that Gloria Estefan Song

Monday, February 22nd, 2010


Dear Smart Readers of Ours,

You have to be ever-vigilant about e-mail spam, even more than you THINK. Those spammers get smarter all of the time, even though they are generally quite a lot of idiots. I guess I would say their METHODS get smarter. Urrgh. I almost fell prey to a spam scam this afternoon! The only reasons I was able to spot it as a spam e-mail was that it was very generic (most companies and pr firms will tailor things a little bit) and I did a google check.

First I googled “TopSpot” and it seemed fine. But one of the auto google searches also prompted me to “TopSpot promotions scam” and boom, I saw that lots of bloggers said it was spam. This is where if you reply, you get on their radar. They scare you into wanting to reply to get off their list. This is what I would call….spam that does not look so spammy as it clearly is! They don’t talk about Nigerian princesses or a stranger needing money for some disease – it’s not OBVIOUSLY a spam e-mail to a lot of people (like me – and I’m not an idiot!). But it is. So here is the e-mail, and you tell me if you would have spotted it as spam right away. (Note: I’ve gotten genuine e-mails about people wanting to advertise before, and it would be nice to have someone buy¬† banner spot on ShesSm ... Read More