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The Vampire Diaries Style: Caroline’s Bag

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

caroline forbes

There are fans of The Vampire Diaries all over the world! Including TVD fans who like the fashion! We got a very sweet e-mail from Norway that said:


I really like your blog, and it seems you know all about the fashion behind the vampire diaries. In the last episode “Rose” Caroline had a brown bag at school. I have seen that she has worn it in another ep. Do you know where I can get one of those?

Thank you

from Hilde in Norway:)

Ah, well Caroline Forbes went a little boho in the “Rose” episode. We don’t know the exact bag (and you’re not the only one who’s asked – it’s a popular bag!), but we can come close by giving suggestions and ideas as to why this bag might appeal to you. Caroline’s purse is an earthy brown leather. The style of it is a crossbody bag, and what’s unique is that it has a foldover flap with an extra set of double handles. We all know how organized Caroline likes to be, so this is an ideal bag for her. Especially if she’s ... Read More

The Vampire Diaries: Katherine’s Dress in ‘Masquerade’

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010


In the 7th episode of The Vampire Diaries season 2, Elena (or Katherine*) is wearing a black dress that I think some fans might want to track down. So, we have some options for Elena’s dress (edit: Katherine’s dress) in “Masquerade.”

*It was revealed in promos after I wrote this, that it IS indeed Katherine Pierce. A ha!

The dress is black, formfitting, (looks short), has a sweetheart neckline, two spaghetti straps, and black applique all over the sheath dress. Another way to get a similar look is to find a black sheath dress with black lace over it.It has a built-in belt to it that defines Nina Dobrev’s waist.

Four dress suggestions:

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The Vampire Diaries Clothing: Bonnie’s Dress in ‘Masquerade’

Sunday, October 17th, 2010


In The Vampire Diaries “Masquerade” Kat Graham aka Katerina Graham (as Bonnie) wears a pretty dress. It is black and white with a print, and has one shoulder strap with a flower accent. I found one dress that meets my requirements in looking similar. (Far too many I found were trashy or tacky.)

Here’s Bonnie’s dress on The Vampire Diaries:

And here is our suggestion (Lela Rose Asymmetric silk-blend dress):

Hold up there! For more fun pieces like this check out our archive of: Dress like a TV Character

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Dress like Candice Accola with The Vampire Diaries Fashion

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

dress like candice accola

Are you interested in The Vampire Diaries clothing? I loved this Vampire Diaries promo picture for season 2 which shows Candice Accola who plays Caroline Forbes on the show. I can see this as in the style closet of The Vampire Diaries clothes for Caroline and I can also see this on Accola.

Get The Vampire Diaries style with these elements:

The dresses:

Olive Green Gladiator Dresses ONE SHOULDER TWISTED DRESS M MISSONI Short dress ... Read More