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The Closer Fashion: Smart and Polished

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

brenda leigh johnson clothes

Ellen, 58, wrote to us about admiring the professional style that Kyra Sedgwick wears as Brenda Leigh Johnson on the TV show The Closer. She asked us about finding a contemporary look similar to the Brenda Leigh Johnson clothes on the show. Flowered sundresses aren’t Ellen’s thing at all, but she likes the polished suits (with pants or slim skirts), dresses and jackets. And we can do that, right?

It’s time to take a look at The Closer fashion! And this is great because not only do I enjoy the show, but I’ve previously interviewed the costume designer for The Closer – Greg LaVoi! (He was very nice and incredibly knowledgeable.)

For this request, I’m keeping in mind that our slim reader is under 5’5″. She noted that sometimes certain jackets will make her look shorter. And it’s true, if you’re short then certain items will overpower your frame becuase of the proportions. Eep! For this reason, I’m going to veer away from any billowy or roomy jackets, and go for structured fits.

Keeping in mind her size and budget ideas I was able to find some great stuff simil ... Read More