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Taylor Swift Jewelry Style – A Line she Loves is on Sale

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

taylor swift jewelry style

Today is the third day of the Guy and Eva sale on all Bijoux Blitz jewelry. It lasts until January 2, 2012 and you can get pieces up to a whopping 80% off!

Check it all out at today before the pieces you want are sold out!

Taylor Swift is a fan of Guy and Eva jewelry as part of her own jewelry style. So what pieces might she pick?

This isa collection of looks that is very bright, kind of spring-like. There’s some enamel floralsĀ  in the bracelet which are very sunny. I’ve picked up that golden color with the earrings and the necklace, but let the bracelet be the main attraction so nothing is too overpowering. Taylor can pull off delicate jewelry.

The necklace I used isn’t the one that exactly matches the earrings, but either of them can really be used. And you might be wondering why I didn’t try to match the bracelet as well, and that’s because I think three matching pieces of jewelry can look … it’s not you having a style, it’s you just wearing something off of a mannequin. Two p ... Read More

Guy and Eva Jewelry Review and Giveaway (Taylor Swift Jewelry!)

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Taylor Swift Jewelry Preference: The Gabriella Earrings by Guy and Eva

I didn’t know about Guy and Eva until a couple weeks ago, and they are a company very worth knowing about! This is the part where I arch an eyebrow and ask if YOU know about them. Nudge, nudge.

This jewelry line started off being sold in stores and boutiques, but so many people wanted to be involved, that now Guy and Eva is sold by hostesses who benefit from sharing great jewelry with friends, family and even strangers. People can be advisor’s or a Hostess. When you do this, you’re making money and getting free jewelry. Not bad, eh? (You can buy the jewelry online too. Just press “1” if you don’t have an advisor.)

Celebrities Wear and Love Guy and Eva

See, Guy and Eva is actually pretty big. LOTS of celebrities have this company on their radar, which is surprising to me because the jewelry isn’t all that expensive at all.

Celebrities who wear Guy and Eva include: Eliza Dushku,Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton, Victoria Justice, Ashley Greene, Aisha Tyler (and magazines like Lucky and InStyle have both featured Guy and Eva jewelry.) Plus, even Gossip ... Read More