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Happy Hour Effect Review (The Supplement to Reduce Stress)

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

happy hour effect reviews

Stress and I are well-acquainted. And that’s not something I’m happy to admit. When I had the chance to contribute to the Happy Hour Effect Reviews, I was pretty amped. A few weeks later, I’m still not sure how much of an effect there’s been, though.

Happy Hour Effect: The Supplement to Reduce Stress

What is the Happy Hour Effect? It’s a health supplement. They are supposed to ease your work stress and aid you in balancing your life. The supplements have vitamins, amino acids, and herbs to support your body.

You take two of the pills every day.

Stress is certainly a problem for tons of people. there’s the economy, layoffs, the inability to sleep properly, eating issues, all sorts of problems tied into (and creating) stress in our lives. But can two pills a day really help relieve this? I wish I had a definitive answer for you guys. While there are some testimonial’s you can find on the website, I’m unable to offer any solid feedback about how the pills worked for me, other than I didn’t notice any change (not even a placebo affect). Of course, every vitamin affects people in a different way. What does or doesn ... Read More