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Stylish iPad 2 Cases for Women and Stylish Rolling Laptop Bags

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

stylish ipad 2 cases for women

When it comes to stylish ipad (2) cases for women, you definitely might find yourself looking at the ones at Hang Accessories. And while I cannot recommend them, I can tell you my reasons for hesitance and you might still like them. (I also provided some pictures of soem very stylish rolling laptop bags you might like to see.)

I received the Rose Gold Skin iPad 2 Case to review. They also offer this case in a Brown Gold, Black, Black Gold, Purple and Turquoise. The cases all have textured snakeskin on them, which is quite posh. Aside from the look of the case, I also liked that the magnetic closure turns off my iPad instantly, and that there is a way to use the cover as a stand. (It says there are two angles that it folds open to, but I could only figure out one. I’d say you could use it to watch Netflix, but if you were going to be touching the screen it might slide a bit.)

My biggest issue with the case is that the inside cover doesn’t have any padding, and presses the snakeskin pattern against the iPad screen. Now, many cases don’t have inside padding. But I’m a bit of a worrywort, and my iPad is my b ... Read More