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How to do a High Bun Hairstyle a la Cameron Diaz

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

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Now that I’ve shown you examples of tons of different high bun hairstyles for 2010 (with the directions for how to do a high bun hairstyle), it’s time to show you the tools you’ll need to achieve this look. Would you try to make a cake without the right ingredients or tools? (I would, but that’s because I’m a horrible cook – baker…whatever-er. I am basically not allowed in the kitchen!) The same goes for your hair. If you want to really do this look right, you need to do more than just half-try. So check out what you have around the house lurking in the untouched cabinets (you might discover your beloved Essie nail polish you thought your sister had stolen!), or see if there’s something worth making an investment in if you like the top bun hairstyle.

The shopping list: Volumizing products! This can be volumizing shampoo, volumizing conditioner, volumizin ... Read More

Spring & Summer 2010 Hair Trend: High Bun Hairstyle

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

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The high bun hairstyle has emerged as a top spring summer hair trend for 2010. Celebrities like Billie Piper, Katie Cassidy, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Bosworth, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Alba have all sported the high top bun at events this year – and there are no plans of stopping!

Every high bun style affords you the luxury of using different variables to pick a style that not only compliments your face, but that you feel you can confidently do to your hair. You can have a more contained top knot or a large bun with tons of volume. Another way to change things up is to decide at what angle your bun will hit against your head. A ‘high bun’ can be at the top of your head, near the back, or straight upwards to the sky. Adding styling details with clips and decorative braids all help your hair resemble a work of art. And if you spend more than 20 minutes on it, no one should dare say your hair is anything less. (Permission to glare at them: granted.)

Now, remember how I said that none of this information is helpful unless you find a way to use one of these buns on your ow hair? The longer and heavier your hair is, the less likely you’ll be able to do a small bun that kisses the very center-top of your head a la Kate Bosworth. That’ ... Read More