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Spring Boots : 2010 | Strut in Fields of Flowers

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

spring boots 2010

Eleven pairs of beautiful boots stand before me. But only one can be the winner of your heart. Which will be America’s Next Top Bootie?

Planning on splashing around the town? You don’t need Uggs, but you do need a pair of spring boots that are water resistant. Bonus points if they’re cute. And I happen to think these Chooka Rain Boots are. Do you watch 30 Rock? I can see Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) wearing these. More.

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Smart Shopping 2010 : Spring Flinging

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

OUR PICK FOR: top purses for spring 2010

I’ve collected some smart shopping ideas for spring 2010.Think about watercolor blouses, silk floral dresses, dainty velvet purses, open toed boots, bird earrings that dangle, and anything with a floaty, airy feeling. As always on She’s Smart, everything is under 100 dollars.

OUR PICK FOR: floral dresses for spring 2010

Donna Ricco Silk Floral Ruffle V-Neck Keyhole Dress $47

OUR PICK FOR: top purses for spring 2010

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Steal this British Beauty’s DOCTOR WHO style: Cowgirl Boots

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

doctor who boots

Digging the boots on Doctor Who’s new companion as featured in the new DW promo poster? Me too. Even as winter fades (and I silently cheer), we don’t have to give up all of our boots. After all, you can’t just kill a boot fetish like *snap* that!  Cowgirl boots are fun for Spring. Pair them with a jean skirt, or a pretty embroidered sun dress. You can pull them out again in the Fall. And because they aren’t strictly a one season trend, I think they’re a great investment. Which means you MIGHT want to invest in a pair that’s expensive enough that you know it’ll last. But if the boots seem like more of a whim, go for the least expensive ones.

The new Doctor Who companion is Karen Gillan, and her name on the show is Amy Pond. Technically I’ve seen her on the show before, as she was in the episode “The Fires of Pompeii” (an AMAZING episode) as “Soothsayer” but she wasn’t a crucial character, and I’m not even sure if we saw her face. Anyway, she’s back as a NEW character. It’s difficult for me to look at her hair and not want to dye mine red like hers. Why can’t I be a ginger, too? ... Read More