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Get Sookie Stackhouse Makeup and Hair for season 3 of True Blood

Friday, June 25th, 2010

sookie stackhouse makeup

I really love the makeup look that Sookie Stackhouse has in the True Blood season 2 promo picture. So, how can you get it? I suggest using a mineral makeup to give your face a flawless and luminescent look. You can use high-up brands for mineral foundation like Bare Minerals, or L’Oreal even makes a pretty decent mineral foundation. She’s not wearing too much blush, but I’d pop a little pinky-peachy blush on the apples of your cheeks – just not too much.

The most intriguing parts are her lips – which have this plummy look to them. It’s matte, not super shiny. But do whatever works for you.I suggested two different MAC lipsticks because they will truly give your look that stained look. As for her eyes – oh man. Her eyes are insane! Obviously, wear a little Mascara especially if you are a blonde. But…any Mascara will work. What I see is that she’s got grey eyes. So I selected a cream color base to give your eyelids a soft and pretty wash to work on. Then line your eyes with a grey liner, you can go softer or more metallic in tone here. And you can keep it very precise or smudge it a bit. I prefer to use precise eyeliners and then use a matching-color eyeshadow to go over it. It makes the eyeliner stay on longer, and it looks softer without having to smudge it with a smudge stick. As for the eyeshadow, I really like the Mac eyeshadow in Print.

Her nails and toenails have a peachy/nude/slightly pearly look to them. Don’t forget ... Read More