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The Best Use of your Snuggie Yet!

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

shopcat 3

Shopcat says she doesn't want to WEAR a snuggie, but she wants you to donate one for her shelter friends to cuddle up on. You better listen to her, she's a fiesty kitty! Did you know Shopcat was adopted from a nonprofit animal shelter, herself? She was the runt, and they found her in a storm drain! Shopdog was ALSO adopted from an animal shelter. And now they have happy homes.

We’ve all heard of Snuggies by now. And you’ve probably heard that they even make Snuggies for dogs. Which…okay. That’s weird. And they’re not very attractive, so you’re submitting your dog to look ugly! I digress! There is a great use of Snuggies that does in ... Read More