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You DESERVE a Silk Robe, You Know You Do

Friday, February 19th, 2010

fleur crush kimono

If you ever wondered where Belle on Secret Diary of a Call Girl buys her fabulous attire – the likes of which go beyond what Victoria’s Secret makes – I think I may have found a couple of the shops. Faire Frou Frou has  “intimate apparel and indulgences” all with a feminine and flirty flair (there is also the: Faire Frou Frou blog), and Madame V is a UK store that  has luxury collections that include “Femme Fatale” and “Viva”. It’s all very luxe.

I really love the “Crush” Kimono by Fleur of England, but it’s $325.00 which is above our price range  of items under $100 (not to mention my personal price range). But the idea of a silk robe doesn’t have to be lost on us. We’ve mentioned silk robes before, because they evoke a wonderful feeling of being a starlet, perched ... Read More

GIVEAWAY! Long Gold Circles and Squares Necklace by Ten Six Twenty

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Navy Leaf Dangles

Circles and Squares Necklace

One of you readers will be receive the above “Circles and Squares” necklace from Ten Six Twenty. It is made of gold plated findings and a chain, 26″ long. I have a post coming up about what to wear for casual Spring weddings, and long gold necklaces like this are listed there. (Look for that post soon.) But first, let me tell you a bit about the shop!

I received a pair of  Navy Leaf Dangles to review from the Ten Six Twenty Etsy shop. What surprised me is that even though they’re dangle earrings, they are very light on the ears. This means they are super, super comfy. Happy siiiigh. I love light-weight earrings! And it’s incredibly hard to find dangle earrings that aren’t heavy and make you aware of them constantly. If you prefer (or need) light earrings, I would recommend these. They’re made of gold plate elements and czech glass beads. Very lovely.

... Read More

To Roku or Not to Roku? That is the Question!

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010


Roku, you sly little box. I’m intrigued by you, I’ll admit it. Like everyone on the planet, I have a Netflix subscription. And I love the ‘Netflix Instant Watch’ feature. So then I hear about this Roku thing. And at first I’m like ‘Uh, Roku you, jerk!’ because I had no idea what it was and wanted to seem tough. But I did a little googling and found that Roku is simply a little black box you use to stream movies to your TV via Netflix. Well, that sounds nice enough.

As we love to do on, I went to see what the reviews for Roku were. As of the date I’m writing this, there are 254 five star reviews out of 374 reviews total. That’s a lot of people being pleased with this product.

Roku boasts these features:

What’s Big and Yellow and with Carrie Underwood?

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

carrie underwood ring

It's hard not to notice something in this picture. Photo by Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press/AP

I don’t pay a ton of attention to Carrie Underwood because country music just isn’t my thang. I know she’s a cute blonde and that she’s been rockin’ a killer engagement ring.  Underwood is engaged to Mike Fisher who is part of the Ottowa Senators (which could really be a political activist party or a hockey team – whichever)

What we know about Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring is that the yellow diamond ring was designed especially for her by jeweler Johnathon Arndt. We also know that the rock is HUGE, as you can pretty much see it from space.

Yellow diamonds are very popular choices for engagement rings these days.  (But also for any occasion – yellow diamonds are ... Read More

Do you Prewash New Clothing? Pros/Cons

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

We'd never pre-wash cats! Photo by oskay on Flickr.

We'd never pre-wash cats! Shopcat would never stand for that. She doesn't even stand for people to look at her funny... (Note: no, Shopcat doesn't grace us in this photo.) Photo by oskay on Flickr.

It’s the day after Christmas and you have all of this new clothing – most of which you’re planning on keeping! Yay. It’s great. Your friends and family know you so well, and they bought stuff you actually like. That’s the biggest battle. But there’s a smaller, mostly unseen battle after that. Prewashing new clothing. Are you pro, or con? We’ll discuss.


PRO prewashing new clothing: I’m a fan of prewashing new clothing.Washing it gets out the fresh dye that might otherwise stain other clothing. It gets off the weird smell from the store and distributing plants that held your clothing before getting to the posh (and not so posh) stores. And it rids ... Read More

Our Other Uses for a Snuggie

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Snuggie photo by Calmenda on Flickr.

Snuggie photo by Calmenda on Flickr.

So you were the unfortunate recipient of a Snuggie this Christmas, huh? And if you can’t return it, you’re wondering what the hell to do with it. That’s where I come in. You have to make the most of the situation. Wondering about the regifting etiquette of a snuggie? It’s never rude to regift them. Ever. They’re the world’s new perpetual White Elephant gift that’ll show up at every holiday party. But before regifting, consider these options…

1. Keep it in your car as a blanket for backseat complainers who don’t like that your car doesn’t have a heater. 2. Drape it over an ugly chair for a brand new look. 3. Wear it while you paint something, to protect your clothing. 4. Planning to streak? Wear this before the event, then shed it easily for your run. 5. This + a mask is the perfect disguise when robbing a bank. (I shouldn’t have to but I must mention: don’t actually do this.) 6. Who needs maternity clothing when you can just have a couple snuggies? 7. Super poor and in college? Use it as a towel, pillowcase, blanket, and curtain. 8. Use ... Read More

FroliCat BOLT Interacative Laser Toy Review & Giveaway

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

best cat toy

The BOLT thoroughly impressed me, and faithfully entertained my cat beyond my expectations.

Shopcat isn’t the first cat I’ve ever owned. My family growing up had three other cats for long periods of time. I say this so you know that I’ve bought and tried plenty of cat toys. You see, I was recently sent the BOLT Interactive Laser Toy by FroliCat to review, and I can wholeheartedly say that this is one of the best cat toys I’ve ever used.

It's difficult to see ... Read More

Giveaway! Why Don’t YOU Have an Automatic Litter Box?

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

litter box
I know you don’t want to deal and touch a cat box more than you have to. The ScoopFree self-cleaning litter box is the perfect solution.

Is there anything more annoying than cleaning out a cat box? Well, I’m sure there are some things that are more annoying – but it’s still definitely a major pain! As someone who’s has lived with both a cat and a dog I also know that a dog will (an eww moment is about to happen – brace yourself) go into the cat box and eat what’s there because of the protein content. So, keeping that box clean is not only important to ensure your cat uses it (cats are neat freaks) but in keeping your dog from being super-de-duper gross!

Enter, the ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box, which is a great self-cleaning litter box for your cat(s). After your cat has used the box a rake will go across the box and sweep the waste into a covered area. You never have to touch the stuff, because you throw away the tray. And the trays you buy have pr ... Read More

Be a Woman with Golden Mystique

Friday, December 18th, 2009

short gold dress

I saw the below image on Vintage Aphrodite, and loved it as immediately as I love any cat that I see. Part of why I love this photo is because I have already crafted a back-story to this girl in the picture. For instance, she definitely owns a cat. Probably a short-furred black kitty that snubs everyone except her. She wears wing-ed out black eyeliner every day, and doesn’t own a single lipstick. She washes her hair every other day to both be eco-conscious and eliminate the amount of time she spends on perfecting her coif. People often see her in unusual vintage dresses with high collars. She keeps a tin of mints in her purse, and has a dollar bill clip from her Grandpa Otis. Of course, this is all just my guess – just an idea of a person from this picture.  The site just calls her “The Woman with the Golden Dress“.

... Read More

Smart Tips from Kristen Bell

Monday, November 30th, 2009


Kristen Bell was recently spotted out and about shopping for flowers. Can you spot all of the SMART elements in this candid photo?

#1 Bend it like Bell: She’s bending at the knee’s! Seriously, it’s so much less strain than if she’d just bent down over at waist.

#2 Work with children and pets:  Bell is taking time to talk to strangers – and she gets bonus points for taking time to interact with a kid. Talking and spending time with kids, pets or babies can brighten the outlook on your day. And that smile looks genuine to me!

#3 Block the glare:  Sunglasses help if you’re an A-list celebrity who doesn’t want to draw too much attention to yourself, admittedly we may not have this same problem.

#4 Be green: Like any responsible shopper, Bell is using an eco-friendly reusable bag for her shopping.

#5 Versatile jewelry: Notice her statement necklace? That’s something she can wear with fancier stuff, too. Adding it to her simple outfit dresses it up a bit.

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