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Skinny Pop Popcorn Review: YES, You will Love This!

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

skinny pop popcorn review

I am so positive about my glowingly positive review of Skinny Pop that you don’t even need to read other Skinny Pop reviews. That’s how much I can assure you that this is the best food stuffs purchase I’ve made in a while.

Eat it. Love it. Realize it is healthy and has almost no calories! Aaah.

It’s made with popcorn, salt, and sunflower oil. Somehow, this adds up to low calories but HIGH taste. It reminds me so much of movie popcorn (which I haven’t had in FOREVER because you know I’m not gonna waste calories on that – though movie popcorn is so delicious.)

And now you know why I love Skinny Pop. It’s so damn good it seems too good to be true. Or like an urban legend. But it does exist. Which is the best part. It’s real!

I’m actually a harsh food critic. I just said to my friend, Alix, “A granola bar without chocolate is insulting.” I mean, I know they’re supposed to be healthy but ugh, they have to taste good or I’m ignoring them.

It’s all natural. It’s cholesterol free popcorn. It’s gluten free popcorn. There’s no dairy, no nuts, none of that. It’s the perfect storm of taste!

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