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Get Younger Looking Skin in Under Two Weeks

Friday, July 24th, 2009

younger looking skin

"How young do I look now?!" Picture by madcitycat on Flickr.

I happen to LOATHE Dr. Oz. Most of his shows are about freaking people out on a daily basis about toxic mold or whatever else ‘could’ be affecting your health but usually isn’t. Unless you want to live in a perpetual state of fear, I suggest staying away from watching his show daily. But that’s just me. And today I watched his show, anyway. (Nothing else was on!)

Today he had a segment on his show about how to look younger in nine days. I have no idea why he picked nine days, so I’m saying ten – it’s a better number. What tips did he offer? He had Dr. Amy Wechsler on the show talking about her book The M ... Read More