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Score Sienna Miller’s Suede Boots

Friday, November 27th, 2009

sienna miller suede boots

Sienna Miller loves suede boots, and has been out and about wearing them all over town since spring 09 through fall 09. When she was in Australia promoting GI Joe (a movie I never saw, I’ll admit it) she wore the Chloe fall 09 lace up ankle boots. Whether you want suede boots that are flat or with heels, there are lots of options out there. Suede boots are just the most perfect comfy shoes for fall. I’ve rounded up six different pairs of suede boots for you guys to look over. One pair is absurdly expensive, but I really wanted to include them anyway (hint: Burberry!).

Now, if you wanna wear your suede boots fast the fall and into winter with the slush – there ARE ways to waterproof suede boots. Most local footwear stores have spray bottles you can use with special formulas. Aquaseal is one brand that makes such a spray. I love that they have a picture on their front page of someone splashing their entire footed boot into a flowing river. I doubt any of us are really doing that – but what do I know. Maybe you’re reading this like Paris Hilton or Heidi Montag (/ Heidi Pratt), ready to go on a reality show where you go into the jungle (or a farm) with stilletos.

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