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Trash to Treasure Decorating Ideas for Shutters

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

shutter cabinet doors

I’ve told you already about my love for dolls growing up. That extended to dollhouses, of course. And every little girl knows that a very crucial element to any decent dollhouse are the shutters. They don’t have to open/close but that is a very big bonus. I think I played with the shutters on any dollhouse I came into contact with more than with the front door or staircases.

My fondness for shutters is also rooted in the fact that my Grandparents had a very cozy and aptly-named sunroom in their house. The sunroom had a couple rows of dark, tiny shutters on the inside that had to be latched every night.

Whether you have a house with shutters now makes no matter, you can still have shutters in your life. You can find them being torn off of old houses, for sale on eBay, or even being offered on Craigslist.

Turn an old shutter into shelving (or a coat rack) with some brackets and fresh paint.

Picture Source: Jennifer Adams Design Blog

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Entertainment Suggestions That Won’t Bore You

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

book recomendations

Here’s what I’m aiming to return to the library soon: The Shaggy Dog – 1959 version AKA the best version (Video Tape) Vanity Fair (DVD) Miss Potter (DVD) Split Estate – Charlotte Bacon ... Read More

Designer Garb Majorly on Sale, Pretend You’re Rachel McAdams!

Monday, March 1st, 2010

derek green on sale

Oh, if only I were Rachel McAdams and had designer clothing sent TO me instead of having to seek it out myself. Luckily, I was blessed as being a James Bond-y like fashion sleuth.

I like the designer Derek Green a lot. And I like his pieces even more when they’re on sale. That is the preface to our story. So, I had saved the link to a Derek Green skirt that I was interested in on Amazon, and today I saw that it was on sale. And when I looked at the other Derek Green items, I saw that many other’s were on sale. Whoopee!

“If you’re wearing my things and a guy can’t take his eyes off you, I’ve done my job,” says the creator of Derek Green Designs. “My ready-to-wear collections offer great fit, comfort and sex appeal,” he says. “But my clothing is never restrictive; my fabrics include some stretch, like twills, denims and knits, with touches of leather and hardware to give the pieces edge.”

Brittany Dress by Derek Green. Original Price: $308.00 Sale: $ ... Read More

What are the Best Reed Diffusers? AVOID Greenair!

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

It looks nice, huh? WELL, IT DOESN'T WORK!

It looks nice, huh? WELL, IT DOESN'T WORK!

I made a very poor purchase the other day while trying to help the planet! I was using a gift card at Marshall’s, and saw they had a display of all of these different reed diffusers. Because I keep hearing about how the scent of lavender can considerably calm a person, I decided I’d grab one. But there were lavender reed diffusers from several different brands. I picked the one from Greenair, which said it was “organic and earth friendly aromatherapy”. Normally $10.00 per bottle, I got mine for $5.99. The box claimed it was an earth-friendly product made of natural essential oils that would continue to scent my room for up to three months. Well, they should have mentioned that it wouldn’t even work for one day!

I followed the instructions just as I was told, but there was no scent coming out from the reeds unless I put my nose right over them. So I spun the sticks and flipped them around as the box said to do. But still ... Read More

I’m a Doll! No, Really.

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

barbie swimsuit vintage

My Winter wardrobe has been tres stylish, no? I feel the braids give me just enough whimsy!

Come Spring, I think I’ll go classic with a nice straw hat and floral dress. Pearls and lace mandatory, of course. We’re not running a brothel!

If I want to be a bit more of a flower child, maybe I’ll be a bit more casual with a flower in my hair. (Note: this doll reminds me of Drew Barrymore via the 90’s)

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Too Often the Spam is Gonna GETCHU! Like The Rhythm in that Gloria Estefan Song

Monday, February 22nd, 2010


Dear Smart Readers of Ours,

You have to be ever-vigilant about e-mail spam, even more than you THINK. Those spammers get smarter all of the time, even though they are generally quite a lot of idiots. I guess I would say their METHODS get smarter. Urrgh. I almost fell prey to a spam scam this afternoon! The only reasons I was able to spot it as a spam e-mail was that it was very generic (most companies and pr firms will tailor things a little bit) and I did a google check.

First I googled “TopSpot” and it seemed fine. But one of the auto google searches also prompted me to “TopSpot promotions scam” and boom, I saw that lots of bloggers said it was spam. This is where if you reply, you get on their radar. They scare you into wanting to reply to get off their list. This is what I would call….spam that does not look so spammy as it clearly is! They don’t talk about Nigerian princesses or a stranger needing money for some disease – it’s not OBVIOUSLY a spam e-mail to a lot of people (like me – and I’m not an idiot!). But it is. So here is the e-mail, and you tell me if you would have spotted it as spam right away. (Note: I’ve gotten genuine e-mails about people wanting to advertise before, and it would be nice to have someone buy  banner spot on ShesSm ... Read More

GIVEAWAY: Celeb Favorite Line ‘Dog is Good’ Gift Card

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Tee: Dog is Good® Signature Twofer (long sleeve)

Tee: Dog is Good® Signature Twofer (long sleeve)

Have you heard of Dog is Good? It’s an online shop that sells all sorts of clothing items and products that embrace two very important things: a love of dogs, and a love of being stylish. Unlike that movie “Must Love Dogs” with (dreaaaamy) John Cusack, I really love it!

"It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Ends up in a Cone" Unisex shirt

And I’m in very good company. Dog is Good merch (that’s lingo for Merchandise, I picked that up on the streets!) was included in the 2008 Emmy Awar ... Read More

Steal this British Beauty’s DOCTOR WHO style: Cowgirl Boots

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

doctor who boots

Digging the boots on Doctor Who’s new companion as featured in the new DW promo poster? Me too. Even as winter fades (and I silently cheer), we don’t have to give up all of our boots. After all, you can’t just kill a boot fetish like *snap* that!  Cowgirl boots are fun for Spring. Pair them with a jean skirt, or a pretty embroidered sun dress. You can pull them out again in the Fall. And because they aren’t strictly a one season trend, I think they’re a great investment. Which means you MIGHT want to invest in a pair that’s expensive enough that you know it’ll last. But if the boots seem like more of a whim, go for the least expensive ones.

The new Doctor Who companion is Karen Gillan, and her name on the show is Amy Pond. Technically I’ve seen her on the show before, as she was in the episode “The Fires of Pompeii” (an AMAZING episode) as “Soothsayer” but she wasn’t a crucial character, and I’m not even sure if we saw her face. Anyway, she’s back as a NEW character. It’s difficult for me to look at her hair and not want to dye mine red like hers. Why can’t I be a ginger, too? ... Read More

Steal her Style: Evangeline Lilly is LOST Lovely

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

evangeline lilly lost 6

Evangeline Lilly plays the tough-as- Dolly-Parton’s-Nails Kate Austin on Lost, and for a premiere party (aka the LOST Sunset on the Beach premiere screening in Honolulu, Hawaii) she wore an outfit that I think would be perfect for casual Spring/Summer weddings. Now, part of me thinks this is a halter jumpsuit, which — nonononono. So, pretend those aren’t pants, just a long dress.

What are the elements? A pretty dress in a breezy fabric, a long necklace, and wooden sandals with maybe a little bit of shine. Keep your makeup soft – just some brown eyeshadow and a bit of blush, maybe some clear/pinky gloss.

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Learn About Life from Anna-Karin, the Swedish Jewelry Designer Who Lives Where Pirates Roamed

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Silver Fern - lightweight sterling silver earrings

What you’re about to embark on is a read of an interview I did with Anna-Karin, a Swedish jewelry maker. You shooould recall that I recently reviewed a few pieces of her jewelry. And I BET you recall that there will be a very generous gift card giveaway for her shop! But that’s coming up a little bit later. For now I want you to focus on what she had to say, because this cheerful artist is as entertaining as she is talented.I would like to move to Sweden and have her mentor me in jewelry-making and the general business of “life”.

Silver Fern - lightweight sterling silver earrings

What is the significance behind your Etsy s ... Read More

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