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Bamboo Pet & Fat Cat Review and Giveaway

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

great cat toy

As a pet owner, I adore giving my pets treats and toys. I recently learned about the website for Bamboo Pet and Fat Cat, and the company graciously sent Shopcat and Shopdog some products so that we can see how they like them. And because we ended up loving this stuff so much, we’re doing a giveaway so that you guys can win some products!

Shopcat has gone just about flippin’ CRAAAZY for this¬ ... Read More

Smart Cat Facts to Utilize as a Saavy Cat Owner

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

shopcat captivated

I’m not just someone who “owns” a cat (no one can “own” a cat but that’s another discussion), I’m someone who loves animals (especially cats). Because of this, I’m never content to just do the basics. I like to do research like the nerd I am. I get excited about new ways to engage Shopcat (again, I’m a nerd). And when I saw this cool comic from The Oatmeal about cat facts, I was inspired to write this post.

Amazing Hearing

I’d always assumed that dogs could hear better than cats, because that’s what people always say. But my research says that cats hear better because their inner-ears are more evolved than a dogs.¬† Cats can actually hear higher frequencies than a dog can. When Shopcat pretends not to hear me, she’s just ignoring me! A cats’ hearing stops at 65 kilohertz and a humans’ stops at 20. I may not know much about kilohertz’s, but the numbers give me a pretty good idea about the sensitivity of a cats ears vs. mine.

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The Most Perfect, Cute, Cheaptastic Stocking Stuffers!

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

hello kitty dolls

I was innocently devouring the Toys “R” Us gift catalog thingy (that is the technical term, yes) earlier today when I came across something that is perfect for stocking stuffers. It’s under $10, and I think gals of most all ages would love them. I’m not sure how you resist Hello Kitty in any form, of course! Yes, it’s the Hello Kitty¬† 3 3/4″ Designer Collectible 2-pk.

If you’ve been in an Urban Outfitters store in the past year you’ve see ... Read More

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