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Repechage Reviews of the Hydra Dew Collection (Severe Dry Skin Treatments)

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

seaweed in beauty treatments

Seaweed in beauty treatments isn’t just an idea in movies with fantastic spas – it’s a reality. An affordable reality that actually gives great results! What we need as we age is severe dry skin treaments. And that’s just what you get with Repechage.

Pronounced: Re-pe-shaj (noun: to rescue; second chance)

I submit to the ways of the seaweed! You can say “I dew” about having more moisturized skin by using the Professional Skin Care Hydra Dew line from Repechage. They use seaweed from the coast of France in their products, and you can tell the difference in your face. They sent along the Hydra Dew Start/Travel Collection for me to test. Five Hydra Dew products are put in a waterproof travel bag (score!).  They Hydra Dew collection is for dry skin. Do I have that? Uuumm, yes. Not that I’m proud of that fact. But Winter doesn’t exactly make it any easier. (And I did buy a humidifier last year, but cleaning it monthly was such a pain that I didn’t put it out this winter.)

I was able to try all 5  of the Hydra Dew ... Read More