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Nature’s Notebook Review & Giveaway

Friday, December 25th, 2009

writing in beach

Unmistakably,  Courtney Noelle really cares about seizing a moment of rich beauty expressly for you.

Courtney Noelle doesn’t just have a beautiful name, she creates beautiful pieces of art. Drawn to the mystical and magical connection that humans have with nature, Noelle was inspired to share a collection of gifts that let you permanently capture a sudden moment of beauty from the shore. Names, words and important dates are custom inscribed into the beaches of California, then photographed and presented as a special and memorable sentimental gift.

I think the coolest part of Nature’s Notebook is the customization aspect. For instance, when you choose the collection “Affirmation/Spiritual Inspiration College of 4 Photos” you then you pick the four words/symbols you’d like. Some images can be put onto canvas, but all can be framed in your choice of frame type. You can also decide whether to have the images in black and white or in color. With all o ... Read More