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Giveaway & Sanuk Reviews: Junebug, Donna, I’m Game

Thursday, October 14th, 2010


If you want comfortable shoes (and Lord, who doesn’t?) then I have a really wonderful shoe brand suggestion for you. Only, they don’t market themselves as shoes. (They’re shoes, don’t get me wrong, you wear the on your feet and all that.) But even the IDEA of shoes makes you think of something tight, uncomfortable, and annoying to put on. So, meet SANUK:”These are not shoes, they’re sandals.” You get what a shoe needs to be, with the comfort a sandal has. Do the math and it adds up to: YES.

Fun fact: Sanuk is the Thai word for FUN.

How to say Sanuk: Saah-nook

You can get Sanuk’s for Men, Women or Kids. They make flip flops and sidewalk surfers, and even a couple boot styles.

I was sent some Sanuk’s to try out. What did I discover? Uh, that I loved them. And then everyone else was trying them on and discovering that they loved them, too. Suddenly, I might be left Sanuk-less if I don’t hide them!

The soles are soft and conformed to my feet as I walked (like a top model, for sure.) Slip-on shoes are pretty much ideal for a slacker like me, and so I love them. I recommend the sidewalk surfers to be worn in spring, summer and fall. The ... Read More