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SANTE Organic Makeup Reviews

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

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When I got a chance to sample some SANTE makeup products, I focused on the eyes and lips. Everything is 100% organic, hence the appeal! Because your skin basically eats some of what you put onto it, you definietly want to use organic makeup when you can!

There were a few SANTE products I really liked, and a couple I wasn’t as keen on. Read on for the full scoop.

Organic Eyeshadow Review of Trio: rose wood 03: Okay, it looks like normal eyeshadow but it’s not – it’s 100% organic eyeshadow. It’s created with plant oils and mineral pigments. It’s smooth because it has jojoba oil and chamomile. This organic eyeshadow palette has three basic rose/plummy colors. I like the eyeshadow properties, however I do wish there were some more beige/brown colors without so much pink/rosy-ness to it. The shadow wasn’t bad in any means, but I really only liked the lighest color. Otherwise I didn’t feel like the brown was very pigmented. Although, if you want organic only, this is good. Otherwise, Clinique is similar. Buy

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