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Win! Safe Flat Iron Storage with ZiziBizy

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

flat iron storage

The one real problem with flat irons is that they get so hot, and you have no where to put them. ZiziBizy has proposed a solution via their Hot Pocketz item.

Zizibizy, a women-owned company, is dedicated to creating products that help make every day problems into extraordinary solutions with little extra attention to detail.

It’s a pouch can slide your flat iron into, without waiting for it to cool off to put it anywhere.If you just put it on your bathroom sink, you might lean over and get burned. This way, you unplug your iron and then have it stored in a safe case to cool down and be stored. The inside of the case has is heat resistant¬† fabric for up to 400 degrees F, and that’s the hottest setting most flat irons go to.

The Hot Pocketz has a space for your iron, and a space for the cord.¬† It’s a great flat iron storage piece. This is also a great straightening iron case to use when you’re traveling, because you don’ ... Read More