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Easy Spa at Home Ideas: My Refreshing Foot Spray Review

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

easy spa at home ideas

I received some¬† Kanshi Instantly Refreshing Foot Spray in the mail and I immediately went into my Liz Lemon mode of mocking how this was clearly the most ridiculous beauty item in the world.¬† I want to spray my feet to feel refreshed!? Yea, well, turns out…I kinda do. Like, a little. Let me just explain?

Refreshing Foot Spray Review

Kanshi is a nice line created by Lydia Sarfati (I bet people have often called her “Safari” half her life) and it’s nice because it is a natural line of paraben-free aromatherapy spa products. And, hello, I like to fake spa at my house. One of the easiest spa at home ideas I can give you is to sit down, put your feet on a towel, and have someone spray this on one foot at a time while massaging your feet. It’s nothing you get in your everyday life so it’ll feel special. And getting your foot rubbed totally causes endorphins to kick up and make you feel happier.

The ingredients in this spray aren’t random. There ... Read More