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Graffiti Wall of Notes to Parents

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

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Sometimes Twitter has decent trending topics. And I do love Twitter for a few reasons, and that includes how you can easily access other people’s thoughts and emotions from the exact point in time you find yourself. Thoughts on parents are obviously always going to cover a very wide spectrum… I picked some of my favorite (with variety). What do you think your children would write to you? What would you write to your own parents? Recognize your answers, and then reflect on if that’s the answers you want to have. Do you want to make changes in your relationships? A smart person knows it’s never too late to try.

Fight off the fear, leave your expectations at the door, and just breathe. It will never be harder than this. It will never be easier than this. Love generously, and love without strings attached. Just breathe. The only person you need to live up to is yourself, and the only person someone else needs to live up to is themselves. Just breathe. You cannot change someone else, no matter how much you believe it is universally recognized (by friends, therapists, even your dog) that the other person should change. Give up that fight right now. You’ll never win. ... Read More