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Purple Sunglasses for Women Under $100

Friday, July 1st, 2011

purple sunglasses for women

So you want some purple sunglasses and you want them to be fairly cheap? Uh, that’s a smart way to go. No matter how much you love purple right now, you’ll invariably have a new favorite color by the next summer when you need sunglasses. Purple isn’t necessarily just a trend (despite what you might think because of Justin Bieber wearing them), but people are cyclical about favorite colors.

I’ve put together four different purple sunglasses for women that are all under $100.00 and therefore you should find one that you like in a price range that doesn’t make your wallet howl like a banshee. I have four kinds of styles, edgy, girly, glamorous and boho chic.

The Edgy Choice: Von Zipper Spazz Sunglasses $85.00 From Endless, HERE

The Girly Choice: Purple Sunglasses $5.80 From Forever 21, ... Read More