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Presto Photo Book Review: I did it, I made one of THOSE books!

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

presto photo book reviews

The world of Presto Photo opens up a world of printing possibilities. (Gotta love that alliteration.) When I visited the website, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they don’t just print books (of which you can customize in tons of ways – with captions, collage styles, etc) but cards, loose photos, whatever. What this meant for me was that I could create a great book for my Grandma down in Florida, and also print out a couple of my favorite photos (large, glossy) for myself to display at home.

Baby Steps

I’d never created anything like this. Even though I’m down with technology, this is just something I’d never done! So, it was a little intimidating. What I figured out was that I did need to do two things on my own: 1.) pick my own layout, 2.) retouch each of my photos myself. I wish there had been an auto re-touch option, instead of having me going to a third party site to do all of that first. It was a lot of work. All in all, making this book probably took me three hours. Is that long for the first time?

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