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Comfortable Stylish Shoes for Women by POE Footwear

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

sheri poe shoes

I’m willing to brag here: Sheri Poe personally sent me a pair of shoes to review. And why is that bragworthy? Because POE Footwear creates amazing shoes that women love. An the reason women love Poe shoes is because they merge cute and comfortable in a way that you don’t often get out of a single pair of shoes. When it comes to POE Footwear, all I needed was one pair to become a convert.

Of course, for my story, we have to go through two. I’ll explain with my POE Footwear review.

Sheri Poe personally agreed to the review, and then had her people (yes, she has people! she’s a busy woman!) send me a pair. They were beautiful and shiny and girly and comfortable as anything. The only problem? My shoe sizes range from 9, 9.5 or 10, and I asked for a 10. Turns out that in POE Footwear, I’m not a 10. So those first shoes didn’t work for me. Sheri Poe then said she’d send me a true 9.5 in a style that is her current favorite. I was hoping I’d like them, and when they arrived I really did! I wear these with a light sock, though – so I’d suggest maybe going down a half size. They WILL accommodate a wide foot because they adhere to your foot.

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