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Plus Size Robes for Women from Shirley of Hollywood

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

plus size robes for women

Hello, readers! To remind you all I’m Rachel, one of your new writers. I’m in my 30’s and what I’ll be covering is plus size fashion. That’s right, I’m not a petite size 2! I know that other women, just like me, want to know where quality plus size items are actually available. Sometimes it feels like a myth, all “okay, so there’s plus size clothing….out there….somewhere….don’t know if it fits or has quality….uh….” That’s why spreading the word about what works is as crucial to me as a seasonal cleaning of my closets. (I always put my seasonal-appropriate clothing in the dresser drawers I use most to make it easier for me. Likewise, I recently arranged my closet so I can easily grab my cardigans and Fall hoodies. )

The first site I’m spotlighting is, which features all sorts of sexy lingerie. Oh, la, la! Gurlys, it’s time to get your sexy on. Although, I went for something that is both sexy and tame at the same time. How that gets accomplished, I don’t know. Mystery of life.

I’m reviewing the Luxurious Charmeuse Kimono Robe in ... Read More

Welcome Rachel, Our New Plus Size Blogger!

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

plus size blogger

“We are SO glad to bring Rachel into the fold as our plus size blogger, as I know many of you have responded very positively when we’ve included plus size options in our posts! Now we have someone who will head up that section, and focus on doing plus size reviews and plus size giveaways! Make her feel welcome, mmkay? Love ya!” – Jessica Rae (Lead Writer for

Hiya! I’m Rachel, and I’ll be your plus size fashion blogger for this site. I’m a blonde, 30-something who loves girly things like pink umbrella’s and sparkly crystal earrings. I’ll never vagazzle myself, but I am admittedly a fan of shine and sparkle.

I have a boyfriend,  and yes I made him go see “Eat, Pray, Love” at the theaters with me!

The Web is great to help us curvy girls, although it’s not always simple to know what shops are out there, and which ones of those are good. That’s where I hope to help. I’m also here to share any plus size tips I’ve learned as a fashion maven who was never the right size to feel she was allowed to be fashionable.

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