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Pinterest Worthy Drawings of Gorgeous Hairstyles for Long Hair

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

drawn hair images

These “Hair Portraits” by Maria Gil Ulldemolins are drawn images of hairstyles that I couldn’t wait to share with you guys. I literally had them saved on my computer for a week (which is a bit typical for me, argh) and I kept seeing them in thumbnail version.

I used to sketch hairstyles out, but never with such elegance. I love that the focus is all on the back and it really shows you how certain hairstyles are put together. While I don’t think these were meant to be instructive, they still are.

Now THIS is intricate… oh boy. From the back of her head I think she seems like a very nice person, maybe a British gal who knits and drinks mint chocolate tea.

Here I immediately think of a Scandinavian woman who is a bit of a punk.

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