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P.F. Changs Frozen Meals Review: The Orange Chicken was Seriously Good

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

pf changs frozen meals review

P.F. Changs Frozen Meals have had me curious as I passed by the frozen food aisles in the grocery store, but I wasn’t sure if I should take the plunge. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t. (Remember how much I hated the TGI Fridays Frozen Skillet Meals? It was a huge waste of money.) But the @wegiveachuck twitter account encourages fans of NBC’s Chuck to support the commercial sponsors. And P.F. Changs has run a spot for their Frozen Meals during Chuck, before. So, I said, whatever, let’s DO this! AND IT WAS DELICIOUS.

I bought the P.F. Changs Orange Chicken Frozen Meal. It requires that you make rice on the side. But rice isn’t hard to make. And, I’m not sure if you’ll believe me, this Orange Chicken Meal was so good that it’s better than when I order my local Chinese food. The chicken was unbelievably tender, the vegetables were good, and the orange sauce was really sweet. I’m planning on buying this in the future for sure. I like to be a lazy cook, and frozen meals are easy for me.

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