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Perfume that Smells like The Beach: Found!

Friday, June 24th, 2011

perfume that smells like the beach

The scent of summer is often the scent of the beach. And even in the dead of Winter, we often long for that smell of sand, surf, and implied warmth. Well, look no further because I have found a perfume that smells like the beach.

This perfume is of the beach during the mid 60’s – think of if like if Betty Draper went to the beach. Of course, I’m not a huge fan of Betty Draper…I digress. While people didn’t know too much about why sunscreen was so important back then, there was still some to use. And one of the brands was Coppertone. I’m sure you know the bottle – it’s iconic! A blonde girl with pigtails has a dog pulling on her bathing suit.

“The prime note in this scent is Coppertone 1967 blended with a new accord I created especially for this perfume – North Atlantic. The base of the scent contains a bit of Wet Sand, Seashell, Driftwood and just a hint of Boardwalk. The effect when you wear At The Beach 1966 is as if you’ve been swimming all day in the ocean.”

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