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Manicures and Massage: Pampering for Women

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

manicures and massage

Quick! Name two of your favorite things that start with “M”! I’ve got mine covered: it’s “manicures” and “massage”. (And maybe Macaroon’s.)  I was thinking about it recently when it was the “loser” option for Blair and Serena’s Valentine’s Day on Gossip Girl. Well, sorry B and S, but I like a massage and manicure is just about as luxe as it gets sometimes. And to promote myself to, well, pamper myself, I’m instituting Manicures and Massage on! It’s one of the easiest combination to do that will leave you feeling you’ve achieved the ultimate in pampering for women.

See, I have tons of nail polishes but I never make the time to paint my nails. So earlier I did it. Boom. (I also took the time to deal with my cuticles. Siiigh of relief.)  And I massaged myself via two instruments: by exercising on t ... Read More