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Giveaway! Rice Flower Body Lotions for Achy, Dry Skin

Friday, August 27th, 2010

rice flower lotion

You’ve heard me rave about how great the lotions and products are from Belly Buttons and Babies in my natural skin care product reviews, and now they’re graciously letting us offer two bottles of Rice Flower Body Lotion to our readers. The description of this scent sounds lovely, refreshing and nurturing:

A light, luscious, all-over body lotion that promotes firmness and smoothness of body skin.  Citrus fruit and sugar acids gently remove dull, dry skin. Enhances skin condition from neck to toes. Gentle enough for everyday use and powerful enough to use on even the driest skin conditions. It’s vibrant, clean, natural fragrance is addictive & its skin mending properties are undeniable. Gentle enough for use on a child.

These are fabulous products for babies and people who want to nurture their skin like it was as precious as a newborn’s delicate, vulnerable skin. I think they make some of the best lotions for dry skin. And natural skin care products for babies – and you – are important to make no ... Read More

Review Spotlight: Belly Buttons and Babies (Best Lotions for Dry Skin)

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

best baby lotion

Are you ready to read about some of the best lotions for dry skin? Uh, YEA YOU ARE. Dry skin is awful! Yuck.

I have a new favorite daily routine. And it involves a piece of wisdom that can be used by anyone, anytime (unless you’re camping and have no access to a shower, or you’re trapped on an island like on Lost – then you’ll have to find other ways to bliss.) After you shower, your skin’s pores open up (warm water opens things, cold water closes the pores) and your skin is just so much more susceptible to soaking up nutrients. This is why you should always apply lotion right after a shower or washing your face. I always cover my target areas with lotion after a shower. Those areas are my face, hands, elbows/arms and feet/ankles. Those are the areas I care about the most and tend to get dry without daily TLC. (My skin is pre-disposed to be dry, I think! Which is why I think natural skin care product reviews are important to share. Especially when they give you positive results. Natural is always better!)

So, I mentioned a routine. I received some products from ... Read More