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Mother’s Day Plant Gift Ideas – ‘Scent with Love’ (So cute!)

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

A great Mother's Day gift!

If your Mom loves plants and is far away from you for Mother’s Day, don’t be a doof… just send her one! The process is incredibly easy with Pro Plants. And I’ll tell you about my experience.

A great Mother’s Day gift!

I received the “Scent with Love” Gardenia plant from Pro Plants. It immediately was transferred to my Mom, who is a fan of plants in a big, big way. Seriously, there’s a sunroom in her house that’s full of so much greenery you’d think it was a greenhouse. (The cats love it back there.)

The plant itself arrived packaged very nicely, with extra moss for padding. The leaves of the gardenia plant are a deep, healthy green. The plant doesn’t bloom yet, but my Mom has already remarked that she’s looking forward to the sweet scent of the gardenia flowers. See, it gives you something to look forward to! If you have kids, it’d be a nice thing to have a weekly watch of the plant (and discussion about how plants grow) with them around this gift.

I like that the container here is something unique and sweet – a little baby blue mailbox. On the side it says, “scent with love.” (Cute, right?) ... Read More