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Mindful Shopping – 5 Questions to Ask Before Spending Your Hard-earned Dollar

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

This is a really gorgeous Jessica Simpson Dress. But it's worthless buying if you never actually wear white clothing! (Click image to be taken to product page.)

Are you doing mindful shopping? I would wager that over the past few years, since the whole economic crunch and all, everyone has tried to find ways to tighten their belts and pinch pennies in whatever way possible. From clipping coupons to trying store brands, these are little ways we all have survived, right?

However, for me, I have found that despite my efforts, I still find myself (pardon the pun) short every now and then.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you would be agreeing with me right about now, correct?

It then occurred to me that perhaps the reason why we find ourselves in that position time and again is because we tend not to be mindful about the way we spend. Yes, we cut down on non-essentials. We go for the sales. We look for the best bargains, but still, there’s something still missing in the equation that leads us to asking ourselves once again: what else can we do to live within a shrinking budget and an inflating market.

These fancy shorts designed by Sienna Miller are cool, but are they worth the nearly $300.00 price tag?! (Click image for product page.)

I have found that asking myself these questions b ... Read More