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Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Food = QUALITY

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

michael angelos gourmet food

This is supposed to be a review of the Michael Angelo Gourmet Food brand of frozen foods. However, none of the Walmart’s in my area carry it! Which is really a bummer, because I was excited to taste it. It was also going to be my last pasta meal before starting the Dukan diet! The press people thought it was available in all Walmarts, but sadly that isn’t true. I visited 2 Walmarts, one being a super store where the clerk’s said they specialize in a greater variety of frozen foods. Alas!

But I am still going to tell you about this brand, which I think looks very appealing. Why? Family owned, natural ingredients, and a very obvious commitment to being high quality. The meals are shipped to stores within 36 hours through their “made to order” process, this means these never sit in warehouses. They’re the freshest thing in the frozen aisle – and without the hassle of having to cook it all yourself!

And their ingredients are very specific. Like Vine-ripened tomatoes from Cardella Ranch, garlic from Christopher Ranch, spinach from the Metz Fresh Farm… they know exactly where they’re getting their stuff! In fact, Michael Angelo Renna and Sara Theresa Angello (his Mom and inspiration) visit the tomato fields themself!

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