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Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Couples with Lake Champlain Chocolate AND Marich Chocolate Cherries!

Monday, December 12th, 2011

christmas gift basket ideas for couples

Looking for the perfect gift basket for you and your significant other to cozy up with while you relax? I have a suggestion that I do believe you’ll find works pretty perfectly. I’ll get into what I loved most, and even the one item that I wasn’t a fan of.

So, let’s begin! I had the chance to review the Christmas Gift Basket Classicâ„¢ from Gourmet Gift Baskets. It retails for $59.99.

General Impression

People love gift baskets, and this one is no exception because it’s sent in a very nice basket with festive decoration (including a fake red poinsettia flower to top it all off. I let Smart Kitty play with it for hours.) Everything is always stacked up so great that this is always an impressive gift to give.

By far the best part of this basket is the Marich chocolate covered cherries. NOM NOM NOM. Delicious. No lying. I’m going to buy some off of Amazon today to include in Christmas presents, I think. I really wish that Gourmet Gift Baskets would do an entire basket devoted to the different Marich products! And then I also wish they’d send me that basket to review. 😛

One of my other favorite parts of the basket was the Chocolate bar by Lake Champlain because I ... Read More