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Amy Adams Inspires Us: Black Lace Dresses

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

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We know that a LBD (little black dress) is a great staple for your closet. A variation on that is the little black lace dress. It’s a small variation, but it has a major effect in transforming a dress to be much more elegant and romantic.I was inspired to write about this when I watched an old Amy Adams movie that was only recently released. It’s called Moonlight Serenade. Now, I think you should save yourself the time of watching the movie because even a charmer like Amy Adams didn’t make it very enjoyable to watch.

But there was one scene where she wore a black lace dress and I got to thinking what a great item that is. I have no idea how the movie ends (except predictably ) since I didn’t even bother to watch it all the way through. I know, for shame! But it really wasn’t very good. I wouldn’t lie to you. I’d rather watch Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day for 40 days, than have to watch Moonlight Serenade again. Augh. (Smart Tip: Just because you love someone in a movie doesn’t mean you have to love the movie, or even watch it.)

You may not be planning to sing in a smokey lounge, but trust me – a black lace dress is a wise purchase. It’s timeless,  instantly dresses you up ... Read More