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LUX Life Unexpected Style: Smart Blazer Outfit

Monday, November 15th, 2010

lux life unexpected style

Even if the shows ratings aren’t so great, people still want to know about Life Unexpected style. Especially when it comes to Lux’s clothing.

Taryn, 25 just happened to have wrote to us about Lux from Life Unexpected:

I was hoping to have a particular outfit replicated, specifically one article of clothing. Could you please tell me where Lux’s blazer is from in the November 9th episode (Plumber Cracked)? I wish it was possible to know exactly which brand of blazer she was wearing and where to get it. Include online shops or stores, it does not matter, I was really hoping to find out the exact blazer she was wearing.

Not vague, huh? Taryn wanted the exact item! Well, we try to find exact replica’s when we can, but do specialize in more of a “look for less” type of deal. In this case, I was pretty stumped at first for this Lux Life Unexpected style look. It’s the prime time for a brown blazer with elbow patches to be in stores, and yet my results did not yield much. Disgraced, I huffed and puffed for a bit. No houses blew down, but I did dismiss web pages in a flurry of “no, you aren’t the right one!” madness.

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